MADISON, Wis. (AP) – The Wisconsin legislature was due to vote on Tuesday on approving a half-billion dollar tax cut for businesses that have received loans to help keep their employees on the job. payroll during the pandemic, one of many coronavirus-related measures that must be considered.

The bill to cut corporate taxes by $ 540 million by mid-2023 was up for a vote in the Senate and the Assembly. If passed, it will then go to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who did not ask last week whether he would sign or veto the measure.

The bill would benefit recipients of loans administered through the federal government’s paycheck protection program. The loans are already tax deductible under federal law, and Republicans say they’re just trying to bring the state’s tax code into compliance. But Democratic opponents have said the move will blow a hole in the state budget.

The Senate voted on a myriad of virus-related bills on Tuesday, including those banning employers from requiring workers to be vaccinated, not allowing prisoners to have priority for vaccinations, and banning the closure of churches during the week. pandemic.

Evers would likely veto all of these measures if they were also passed by the Assembly.

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