LOS ANGELES, June 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tukatech, the industry’s leading fashion technology solutions provider announced the launch of its 2021 product line.

“With the increase in business of on-demand, micro-factory and make-to-order companies, the latest products are designed to deliver much higher productivity with fewer operators,” says Ram Sareen, Founder and CEO of Tukatech. He continues, “We are not looking to put people out of work, but rather to equip them with the right tools so that they can be more efficient and productive while adding more value to the organization and return on investment. “

The 2021 range offers many new features and extensions:


The most powerful additions to TUKAcad are the enhancement of new product development based on old blocks. Now users can simply import Excel or CSV files or fill in the new measurements directly into the chart by typing in the desired value and the NEW PATTERN is ready in seconds. This innovative system maintains style lines and shape by adjusting the patterns proportionally. If a measurement is taken on multiple pieces of the pattern, each piece will adjust proportionally to maintain the original shape and balance. This feature is added to TUKAcad PE (Professional Edition) to further de-qualify the model making treat.

Other quick features improve productivity, such as the MTM (Made-to-Measure) rule table. Now users can execute commands with just one click, instead of one by one. There are also more options for the internals, such as adding double notches (most often used to distinguish back pieces) and reopening the darts after they are closed.


In January 2020, Tukatech launched TUKA APM, the first automatic pattern creation module in the TUKAcad software. As fewer and fewer apparel professionals know the basics of pattern making, TUKA APM serves as a starting point for creating new styles without the need for an expert pattern maker.

In 2021, more categories of models for men and women have been added to the built-in block model library. Additionally, users can import their own block models into TUKA APM so that the generated models follow their own fitting conventions. This allows for better process engineering in product development even without advanced skills.

SMART brand

TUKAmark and SMARTmark version 2021 has an automated way to create nested bundles by size, a feature that was previously only available to SMARTmark Q and Net-Q users, or that had to be done manually. This is now an automated feature included for all users, which will increase productivity and cut quality.

TUKA3D Professional Edition

TUKA3D Professional Edition is Tukatech’s suite for 3D fashion design and fitting. In 2021, Tukatech added advanced features and productivity tools to make draping complex 3D styles easier than ever.

Advanced mirror stitching for symmetrical and “halved” pieces makes pattern preparation more efficient. After draping, it is easier for users to adjust the position of the 3D garment and smooth the layers for a better look. They also have streamlined options for applying specialized fabric settings, including elastic presets.

Designers will love the ability to draw in 3D and export a 2D CAD model of shape. Since TUKA3D is connected to the TUKAcad system for creating models, the drawn models can easily be cleaned up during the design process to reduce the amount of work done in pre-production.

TUKA3D is integrated with the Vray rendering engine, which now allows detailed 3D rendering of fur. This will bring out the outerwear and virtual luxury goods off the screen.

TUKA3D Designer Edition

TUKA3D Designer Edition is a lightweight 3D fashion design software for visualizing surfaces. It’s a perfect tool for graphic designers to see what their work will look like on a real garment, or for a fashion designer to see what a garment might look like with a variety of prints.

Rather than using a complete TUKA3D Professional Edition station to drape a garment for viewing purposes, designers can purchase ready-made pieces. 3d fashion clothes in a variety of categories, such as men, women, kids and plus sizes. In 2021, hundreds of new garments have been added to the TUKAweb marketplace, including tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, swimwear and even accessories.

Designers can use these 3D garments for visualization purposes, and then after approval, they can purchase the accompanying model so that the style can be adjusted, categorized, and produced in real life.


The TUKA cut automatic fabric cutting machine not only has a new look, but it also has a new high power processor. This, added to the unrivaled TUKAcut software, enables the calculation of millions of instructions for analyzing the cut path and sequencing. This optimization results in 16.8% more productivity than almost any other cutting tool.

The patented vacuum system is more powerful than any other product on the market. TUKAcut is the only cutting machine that cuts 200 layers of plastic. This has been extremely helpful to manufacturers who were making PPE products such as hospital gowns for the 2020 pandemic.

TUK spread

The TUKAspread automatic fabric spreading machine eliminates sagging tissue. The intelligent tension controller stretches the fabric evenly without pulling, even for very delicate fabrics like modal, which is four-way stretch.

In 2021, the capacity of the TUKA heavy-duty spreader has been increased to support up to 600 kg. This capability makes it unprecedented in its utility for spreading denim, or even specialty industrial materials.

Adding conveyor tables allows the machine to continue as it moves on a track to the next table. This reduces downtime between cuts, allowing for greater cutting capacity.

About Tukatech Tukatech was founded in 1995 with the aim of enabling model makers to create models digitally on the computer. Tukatech is an influential fashion technology company known worldwide for its innovative solutions and superior technical support. They are the industry’s leading supplier of fashion designer software (2D CAD), virtual product development (3D virtual sampling and adjustment with real-time motion simulation), cloud collaboration, the most advanced marker creation system, and cutting room machines for clothing manufacturing.

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