A TikToker video showing “travel hacks” to save money abroad has drawn heavy criticism on the platform, where it is being denounced by other users for its unethical nature.

The video, posted by Adam Boro (@adamboro), shows his trip to Peru every step of the way, from the airport to extra rides and his hostel lockdown. It has garnered 7 million views on the platform since it was posted on January 17.


Wouldn’t recommend sleeping outside in a desert with no blanket for a tiktok video

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“So I heard that if you took a $120 five-hour flight to Peru, got out of the airport, took a $4 Uber for half an hour, gave a dude $15 cash for a ride and you’re off on a four hour flight travel with him to a peruvian desert you can get dropped off at that sand dune then run to the top and experience one of the most beautiful sunsets ever over a veritable mirage of a desert oasis,” says Boro. “And even fireworks, too. There’s so much more. buggy with your brother, make new friends, and the hostel I’m staying in is only $18 a night.

Some people liked the TikTok, with several people saying, “I do this.” However, the seemingly exploitative nature of the video – finding all the ways to save money while traveling in a country with a high US dollar exchange rate – displeased some viewers. In particular, TikToker @notwildlin put together the video and called Boro.

“So, I don’t know if this guy just said that for the video, but I need you to stop this scam mentality for your money and then post it on the internet to encourage other people to do it. do.” said @notwildlin. “You’re fucking sick. Pay a dude $15 cash for a four hour road trip. Coming from the west, coming from the US, you know the value of that time , you know the value of this work, you know the value of this gas resource alone.

He went on to say that seeking to “extract everything you can” from people is “unbalanced” and “evil”. Her point of Boro video also got 99,000 views on TikTok.

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“You know that money is very available to you, paying even more money than that would be very available to you, and it could literally change that person’s fucking week, life, month,” he said. he declares.

Similarly, commenters on Boro’s video pointed out that many of the “offers” he shares in the video are based on exploitation.

“People in rich countries are always talking about scams in travel places, when all the while they are the ones exploiting the locals when they can,” one commenter wrote.

In the comments to his video, Boro explained that he and three other travelers paid the driver $15 each, bringing the total payment to $60. In response to a commenter who suggested it was still too low, he said the driver had set the price.

“The driver asked for $60…And our local Peruvian friend who was driving us said that was actually a lot more than what they usually charge for the Huacachina ride,” Boro commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Boro for comment via email and @notwildlin via Instagram.

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*First published: January 29, 2022, 1:33 p.m. CST

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