The stakes in the June 22 NBA Draft lottery are high for the Houston Rockets, who will learn that day whether their top pick in the first round is in the top four of the draft (a 52.1% chance) or at No.18 overall (47.9%), thanks to a pick swap among the top four proteges belonging to Oklahoma City.

If they’re lucky enough to get a top-four pick, which means landing a rookie prospect like Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Suggs or Jalen Green, there’s an immediate financial windfall in the form of a increased interest from fans and a ticket-buyers at the Toyota Center.

As a result, the Rockets offer a new ticket promotion to fans in the Houston area ahead of the June 22 draft lottery, which is tied to those financial calculations. As part of a special “Keeping It 100” offer, fans can purchase 10 vouchers for $ 100 tickets to 2021-22 regular season games (specific dates and games can be chosen at a later date, once the schedule is known).

But here’s the kicker: If the Rockets land a top-four pick on June 22, all buyers will also receive a voucher for one of the team’s Nike Swingmen jerseys. These sell for almost $ 100 – so if the 52.1% chance of Houston getting any of the top four draft picks, fans would effectively get a free jersey, as well as discounted tickets for 10. matches.

It should be noted that tickets to see the Rockets rebuilding at Toyota Center aren’t quite the merchandise they were in James Harden’s day, which certainly increases the team’s willingness to donate a such promotion. But it’s a good deal for the die-hards, with an opportunity to add even more advantages and stakes to the June 22 draft lottery.

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