Cloud databases got off to a rapid start in 2021 with a number of significant new products, nine-digit investments, and aggressive market entry in recent weeks.

You are unlikely to give up your activity level. Database vendors of all shapes and sizes compete to catch up as businesses aggressively move growing parts of their IT environment to the cloud.

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In the last few weeks Oracle Introducing a new version of the flagship database, startup Pinecone Systems has stepped out of stealth mode with a new vector database for machine learning. In January, AWS announced more than 12 new database features.

Cockroach, great love for databricks

There was also an investment. Cockroach Labs reveals $ 160 million in new funding and Databricks, which develops data platforms for AI, analytics and data science, on February 1 announced that $ 1 billion, including new investors AWS and Salesforce. Additional funding announcement.

And Snowflake unveiled plans to enter the vertical industry at a series of events in March. Both developments show that we are “watching this space” so that more can happen in the months to come.

AWS And Google cloud Parent Alphabet will discuss quarterly earnings this afternoon. This can provide additional control points over market monitoring.

This is a summary of the 10 major developments in the cloud database market that took place in January. Together, they provide proof of a rapidly changing and rapidly growing market driven by business transformation and customer demand.

Jump Start 2021: 10 Big Cloud database developments
  1. Oracle launches Oracle Database 21cThe latest version of the flagship database with over 200 new features and improvements. Oracle’s “converged” database supports several types of data (Relational, JSON, XML, graphs, spatial, OLAP, time series, blockchain) and multiple workloads (transaction processing, analytics, machine learning, streaming, IoT, in-memory).
  2. Neo4j announces general availability Neo4j Aura Enterprise, Fully managed cloud database service. Neo4j’s graph database is used to manage data and “connected datasets”. Clients include Dun & Bradstreet, Boston Scientific and PwC.
  3. Pinecone Systems saysThe first serverless vector database for machine learning. “ A vector is a long list of numbers. The· The database supports real-time applications such as semantic text search, recommendations, and anomaly detection. Pinecone says Major retailers use this technology to provide real-time purchase recommendations.
  4. Elastic, developer of the Elasticsearch search engine, Switched From the Apache2 open source license to the public server side license. Elastic has moved to prevent AWS from benefiting from development efforts, unlike what MongoDB did in 2018. In response, AWS plans to develop its own Elasticsearch alternative, which will be a fork of the codebase. ZDNet asks, “Is the open source database dead?” “
  5. Cockroach lab Raised $ 160 million Funding for the E-series stimulates the development of SQL relational databases. The latest innovation from Cockroach Labs, the “always free” version of Cockroach Cloud for development and education, will soon be released in beta.
  6. Snowflake revealed that a series of events took place in March, entering the industry vertical. The event is planned for health and life sciences. Financial services and insurance; Public institutions; Retail and GIC; Media, entertainment and advertising; and Manufacturing.
  7. During a briefing with an analyst, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Platform, Open to the public in December. This is Synapse Studio, an SQL editor with built-in price / performance, security, automated machine learning and visualization.
  8. Google Cloud continues to expand its cloud database offering in a standoff with other cloud database providers for its customers. In a blog post, Google Cloud announced enhancements to its bare metal solution designed to run Oracle database workloads on Google Cloud, including 10th Availability Zone and PCI DSS / HIPPA compliance.
  9. Another indicator of dynamism is the annual execution rate of SAP’s S / 4 HANAERP in the cloud of $ 977 million. According to Reuters.. SAP HANA is a cloud database that forms the basis of S / 4HANA in the cloud. CFO Luka Muccic said the S4 / HANA implementation had “started very quickly” and had nearly 3,300 customers.
  10. As a reminder of the pervasive threat, hackers now have access to a backup database of millions of customer records belonging to Wal-Mart clothing retailer Bonobos. Beeping computer.. No mention is made of the associated database type or the cause of the vulnerability.

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The Booming Cloud Database Market: 10 Key Developments

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