Technogym’s new Personal Line is a careful design exercise

Designed by Antonio Citterio, the Technogym personal line combines cutting-edge home fitness technology with high craftsmanship

In partnership with Technogym

Gone are the days of ugly, bulky, bulky one-effort home gym equipment. The Personal Line is Technogym’s innovative blend of sport and design, combining the style of world-renowned industrial designer Antonio Citterio with Technogym’s experience in the world of fitness, sport and as an official supplier to the Olympic Games.

While presenting cutting-edge biomechanics, digital technologies, refined materials and Made In Italy craftsmanship of the highest quality, the products of Technogym’s personal line are also conceived as designer furniture to be placed in the most beautiful spaces of the house.

The collection includes the brand’s most iconic fitness equipment – Treadmill, Bike, Recliner, Elliptical, Kinesis and Power Station – and the dual ability to create a complete home gym or simply integrate the model of your choice. in the living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Combining technology, refined design and entertainment

Personal Line products are also equipped with the recently launched Technogym Live console which allows users to choose a personalized workout experience from an extensive library of on-demand workout content including the most engaging one-on-one sessions led by a trainer, athletic training routines, workouts or virtual routes in nature or in your favorite cities.

The Technogym Live console also offers endless entertainment options, including TV channels, social networks, streaming channels, and a wide range of apps, from games to breaking news.

Citterio has specified the soft touch padding of the Bench Personal, featuring Bodyprint biometric authentication technology, ensuring maximum comfort during training. An easily adjustable mechanism makes it easy to target specific muscles and muscle groups.

Performance enhancement: the Technogym bench

The Technogym bench is an ideal training partner. Beautifully designed for maximum versatility and faster results in contemporary home environments, and featuring more than 200 exercise options, Technogym Bench is a compact multi-functional workout station with minimal footprint that allows users to combine weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted joints, and a workout mat. Ingeniously designed, the station offers endless workout possibilities and multiple configurations, enhancing performance and ensuring highly effective full body workouts.

Choose the hexagonal dumbbells from the Technogym Bench for increased muscle tone, isolating individual muscle groups or combining muscles for whole body blasts.

The unit’s elastic bands, available in three different resistance levels, facilitate mobility through stretching and provide incremental resistance for strength training exercises, while weighted joints accelerate core improvement with weight-lifting exercises. engaging tension.

Technogym Bench’s accompanying video workout programs can be tailored to personal goals, for strength, resistance and core, for example, while a new Technogym app offers personalized workouts for use with fitness equipment. the brand – or for bodyweight exercises and workouts with the tools you have. – as well as videos on demand from the best coaches.

An application to guide your workouts

For users who already have Technogym equipment, at home or at the gym, the app offers tips to get the most out of it, with the option to enjoy the video training experience on the console. . If you do not have the equipment, it can offer you alternative workouts directly on your mobile or on a TV screen.

Each day, the application suggests the most suitable tailor-made training sessions, combining scientific research, artificial intelligence and engaging and stimulating video content. It offers a wide variety of fitness, sports and health programs developed by specialists from different disciplines.

A new Technogym ID service allows connection to a personal profile on all touch points (smartphone app, equipment consoles and website), allowing users to access workouts, services and results anywhere in the world. world – at home, at the gym, traveling, at work or on the go.

Technogym and fitness

Technogym is a leading global brand of digital products and technologies for fitness, sport and health for wellness. It offers a full ecosystem of smart connected equipment, digital services, on-demand training experiences and apps that give users access to a personalized training experience anytime, anywhere.

More than 50 million people train with Technogym in 80,000 wellness centers and 500,000 private homes around the world. The brand has been an official supplier for the last eight Olympic Games. §

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