A new standardized version of Quest Industrial’s Box Bot robotic palletizer, the QB300 series, will appeal to companies in industries such as food, beverage and consumer goods that perform manual palletizing and have space constraints.

The QB series has been designed for simple palletizing applications that do not require custom equipment. Pallet models can be designed for boxes, bags and other types of packaging.

The palletizer uses robotic technology to reduce labor costs, reduce the risk of injuries from manual palletizing, and increase production predictability. The QB300 series also features a small footprint, starting at 8×10 ‘.

All Box Bot QB300 series palletizers are equipped with a FANUC robot, enabling stack models that maximize semi-trailer loading and in turn improve shipping efficiency. Operators use the QBox human-machine interface to create custom pallet models, saving time and money by eliminating the need for an on-site service programmer.

Quest systems are compatible with direct food contact and feature designs that meet US Department of Agriculture and Washing standards. Quest is part of ProMach’s Robotics and End of Line business segment.

Quest Industrial will exhibit this new product at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021 (Las Vegas Convention Center, September 27-29), booth C-2825.

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