Caracas, October 1 (EFE) .- Opponents of Venezuela have expressed their rejection of the currency reconversion which entered into force this Friday in the Caribbean country and which subtracted six zeros from the national currency, considering that it was will act as a “failure” and not solve hyperinflation.

“The new monetary cone has entered into circulation and its failure is guaranteed,” wrote on Twitter the Venezuelan opponent Julio Borges, appointed by Juan Guaidó commissioner for foreign relations.

The former parliamentarian recalled that in 13 years, the Venezuelan executive has subtracted 14 zeros from the currency and that it has implemented three reconversions so far this century, generating “the same results: hyperinflation and pauperization” .

Borges stressed that Venezuelans “are poorer every day” and that the installation of the new monetary cone “only serves” Nicolás Maduro and “his black economy”.

In this sense, he assured that what is necessary to resolve the economic crisis that the Caribbean country is going through is “a macroeconomic stabilization program, led by a democratic government, which inspires confidence, controls inflation and returns to the path of the growth”.

For his part, the double presidential candidate Henrique Capriles also rejected the economic measure, noting that this new conversion “only reflects the disaster of psuvism (by the ruling party PSUV) and does not solve the crisis they have engendered “.

“Food, transport, everything is canceled in foreign currency, even in the most remote and humble communities, while wages are still miserable. The PSUV will come out to ask for votes and Venezuelans will have the opportunity to withdraw this disaster on November 21, “he said. Capriles on Twitter, referring to the elections to elect governors and mayors.

Meanwhile, former deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa ratified the deterioration of the Venezuelan currency and stressed the urgency to work “for the democratization of the country”.

“It is urgent that we find ourselves as a nation, that we do not forget that what we are facing is a dictatorship, that we are clear on the goal of liberation and democratization of the country, that we are ready to contribute everything to recover and then transform our homeland, ”Guanipa wrote on your Twitter account.

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