NetApp says new updates to the ONTAP software and portfolio enable hybrid cloud operations.

NetApp Tuesday rolled out a new version of its ONTAP software among a range of hybrid cloud portfolio updates.

NetApp says businesses need to modernize their IT environments to enable hybrid cloud operations. As such, NetApp updates its portfolio to support them.


New features in the NetApp and Cisco infrastructure platform include intelligent application placement on-premises and in the cloud. It also offers automated hybrid cloud data workflows and the ability to consume FlexPod as a cloud-like managed service.

NetApp StorageGRID

NetApp Scalable Object Store version 11.5 now supports data encryption using foreign key management. It also offers compliance and ransomware protection with S3 object locks and delivers increased performance with intelligent load balancing.

Hybrid cloud management

The vendor claims that managing data and applications in hybrid cloud environments can be extremely difficult. Subsequently, companies need “a simple and standardized approach”.

NetApp Cloud Manager and enhanced multi-cloud management services automate ONTAP data services to simplify application migration, disaster recovery, data protection, governance, and compliance. Additionally, NetApp Astra, an application-supporting data service for Kubernetes, enables customers to manage, protect, and migrate stateful applications in Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and now on-premises.

“Financial and operational elasticity”

Elsewhere, NetApp says businesses want the same financial and operational elasticity they get from the cloud in their data center. They also want the freedom to move and manage workloads easily and securely in hybrid and public cloud environments.

The new NetApp Keystone Flex subscription on Equinix gives customers the ability to deploy Keystone data services in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX). This provides low latency access to multiple clouds without having to move their data to the cloud.

Royce Thomas of Equinix

The Keystone Flex subscription at Equinix is ​​provided as a one-time subscription by NetApp.

Royce Thomas, senior vice president, strategic alliances and global account management at Equinix, says it offers an on-demand storage alternative to traditional investment infrastructure investments.

“Global businesses can host their data alongside the cloud and use Equinix Fabric to connect to service providers,” he said. In this way, customers can take advantage of “centralized management of hybrid cloud data across all major public clouds”.

Kim Stevenson from NetApp

Kim Stevenson from NetApp

Kim Stevenson is Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Fundamental Data Services Business Unit at NetApp. She argues that a hybrid cloud strategy is essential to keep pace with the growth and complexity of data and distributed applications. It also allows businesses to “thrive in the face of uncertainty and compete effectively in the digital economy,” she said.

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