MillenniumIT ESP – an enterprise solutions provider – kicked off its global expansion by incorporating a new office in Singapore this year. This initiative was undertaken to expand the Company’s business into new markets and capture the growing global demand for enterprise technology solutions by capitalizing on its resources, skills and capabilities, and harnessing the power of partnerships and relationships. already established in the ASEAN region.

MillenniumIT ESP will expand its reach into the market and identify ways to grow its expertise in enterprise applications, focusing on customer engagement solutions such as sales, marketing and service automation to effectively manage business applications. end-to-end multi-channel customer journey.

“MillenniumIT ESP has had an impressive 25 year history in the local market. However, to stay competitive and keep pace with the latest market trends and the global expansion of demand for enterprise IT solutions, we are moving our business forward by officially expanding our operations overseas and opening our first international office in Singapore, ”said Director and CEO, MillenniumIT ESP, Shevan Goonetilleke.

“As a leader in the field of IT and having received several global recognitions, in addition to possessing the appropriate technical know-how, skills and industry experience, we are well equipped to deepen our footprint at the globally in all sectors we serve, including Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation.

The opening of the Singapore office is the first step on our ambitious journey of global expansion, ”he said.

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