She also says it’s hard to avoid “implicit criticism” when discussing treatments together and thinks it’s best to make aesthetic decisions as an individual. “In a relationship there has to be respect and individuality. By tweaking together, you could easily slip into, “My only goal is to look like what you want me to look like.” “

For three years, Dr Andrew Gardiner, doctor of aesthetics at 107 Harley Street, he has seen a steady stream of couples walk through his door, often following his clients suggesting that their other halves follow suit.

“I always treat couples on the same day for a multitude of reasons – and often the woman likes to give her opinion and the male likes to be guided. I am very aware that the procedure the man is undertaking is probably the result of something he raised with his wife that he wanted to do and that she is only conducting the procedure. Usually there are a lot of jokes like “She called me” or “Come on, I’ll try this time”, except every man came back for more treatment!

Indeed, when it comes to care and follow-up, it is the men who seem to be the best patients. “Couples encourage each other to have a good skin care routine at home, although I find my male clients stick to what they’ve been told to use, while women like. go around and try different things, ”says Holmes. In the case of Ian and Nicole, Ian is also responsible for administering the follow-up.

“Dr Kinsella calls us for a check-up after two or three weeks and Ian is much more up to date with scheduling an appointment; I tend to forget it, ”says Nicole, although she is more willing to try new changes and has recently looked into them. Morpheus8, made famous by Judy Murray for rejuvenating the face and neck. When pushed, Ian says he might consider a nose job (the best treatment for men in 2019), but he’s happy to continue with Botox for now.

Of course, each couple’s motivations are different. Holmes finds they often book when half the couple feel left out or like they’re missing something. For others, it’s that they want to get back the look they had when they first met, but it’s far from competitive.

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