1. Are you a saver or a spendthrift?

I tend to enjoy the finer things in life, so I’m generally a spendthrift.

2. What has been your biggest financial lesson, success or failure?

Don’t fall in love with an investment.

I remember being a huge fan of Baycorp when it was a publicly traded company. Over a period of several years, its share price fell from 50 cents to $ 12.

Then it started to slip. I didn’t sell because I thought the business was going to make a difference.

Eventually, he lost almost all of his winnings.

A calm look at the risks associated with Baycorp’s expansion in Australia might have encouraged me to exit the action much sooner.

3. Give an example of a recent purchase that you consider to be excellent value for money?

I recently bought shares in A2 Milk.

They have been hit hard by the market, but in my opinion they still have good prospects for the longer term.

4. What is your favorite form of investing and why?

Sharing: I am a member of several sharing clubs.

This is where a group of friends pour funds each month into a trading account and meet every few weeks or months and choose a stock to buy or sell.

By contributing regularly to the market and not making hasty decisions, it is amazing how some pips can develop.

5. Have you seen a move towards equities following the government’s housing announcement?

I think a lot of young people are giving up on the idea of ​​owning a home because the affordability is extremely low.

Thanks to new technologies such as telephone applications which allow fast and cheap trading, people are looking to accumulate their wealth in the stock market.

We are living in a time of uncertainty and many of the tools used by investors to select stocks in the past no longer apply. Be prepared to be flexible and to act quickly.

6. Examples of promising choices for equity investors in today’s market?

Without being too specific to the company, I am very passionate about the food and agriculture, elderly care and medicine sectors.

All of these sectors appear to have good long-term growth prospects.

7. What’s your best tip for saving money?

It’s good to have a good time with up to 90 percent of what you earn.

Just make sure you save and invest the remaining 10 percent consistently, and you’ll be doing it financially your entire life.

8. The best financial advice anyone has ever given you?

Warren Buffett once said, “In the short term, the market is a popularity contest; in the long term, it is a balance ”.

It has always resonated with me. It encouraged me to avoid investing in anything other investors are looking for at any given time, especially if the prices have gone up.

The opinions expressed in this article are personal and do not constitute professional financial advice.