The interest of the Norwegian authorities in dealing with SAS will be strong, but I fear that it will be weak if SAS discovers “tricks and combinations” and new organizational structures. We don’t need that, said Marley.

On Friday, the NRK reported that several SAS pilots made redundant during the outbreak were raging against their former employer.

Swire Myrtle is Labor Party spokesperson for monetary policy. He strongly criticizes the fact that SAS pilots who were made redundant after the outbreak had to take expensive courses to apply for a job with the company.

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They respond that they have to pay millions of crowns out of their own pockets to be able to apply for their previous jobs. One of the licensed pilots says it will cost 400,000 or 500,000 crowns.

Many pilots believe that the company gave them the idea that they would find their jobs as soon as the community opened.

This practice reacts strongly to the spokesperson for monetary policy as the largest party in government today.

Marley believes SAS is trying to put in place an “innovative” organizational structure so that ex-pilots escape its responsibility.

– I think this gives a very bad signal effect, employees who have gone through the most difficult period should apply for a job in the company where they worked for many years. I would like to warn SAS not to continue like this, said Marley.

– There is no point in saving them

Through the outbreak, the state provided more than NOK 6 billion in recovery packages to Norway, SAS and Widerøe.

Now Myrtle comes with a strong warning to refer to the Scandinavian plane as “primary”. A transport policy spokesperson for one of the government parties points out that there have been many who have struggled to escape SAS in the past.

– If SAS were to continue like this, we wouldn’t want to compare ourselves to European aviation companies, there’s no point in saving them, Myrtle Thunder.

Through the epidemic, the government provided stimulus packages of more than NOK 6 billion for Norway, SAS and Widerøe.

The temperature was high in the studio, and licensed pilot Anders Eckerman met with Eivind Bjurstrøm from SAS for a discussion on Dagsnytt 18 on Friday.

“Tips and combinations”

In 2018, the government sold its remaining SAS shares. Myrtle says the Labor Party was previously open to the government to buy out the company.

At the same time, he says it would be less appropriate for the PA to support this if the SAS trend doesn’t change.

– If SAS now discovers new structures, tricks and combinations and becomes like companies that we don’t want to compare ourselves to, it becomes clear that the interest in supporting, helping and saving SAS will decrease.

– My warning to SAS is that they should abandon plans to start more businesses and employees should apply for their jobs again, Labor Party spokesperson for financial policy Sverre Myrli told NRK. .

By 2020, passengers will have a SAS plane at the border

The passengers boarded the SAS flight in November last year.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

– Important for survival

SAS was severely affected by the infection. About 560 SAS pilots lost their jobs.

Executive Vice President Simon Bach Hanson responded by emailing the NRK to criticism from the Labor Party.

– SAS is now in Scandinavia and is trying to find new jobs. Our new system is absolutely crucial to the status and survival of the business. The deals we now have with the Danish trade union federation are based on Scandinavia and allow us to win profitable and futuristic business in fierce competition with other companies, writes Hanson.

Refuse to break the promise

Eivind Bjurstrøm, director of planning services at SAS, said on Friday that SAS’s promise to fire pilots when Norway reopens was wrong.

Evind Bizurstrom

Evind Bijurstrom, Director of Planning Services at SAS.

Photo: Rune A. Hansen / NRK

Bijurstrom says that the right to be rehired in SAS Scandinavia has been discussed. This business doesn’t need people now, he says.

However, Bjurstrøm says the new SAS Link and SAS Link subsidiaries need staff. These companies use the new type of Airbus aircraft, so pilots must have a new certificate.

Asked to keep the uniform ready

Anders Eckerman is an islander who was made redundant for not being able to fly an Airbus plane. He estimates that the courses he will have to take will cost up to half a million crowns if he is to return to work.

– When SAS fired us, SAS told us to keep the uniform at home and keep it ready. They are looking forward to the community opening and they have been told we can come back, Iceland said on Friday.

The Norwegian Pilots Association on Friday called what SAS had done a breach of its promise. SAS disagrees and believes it is reasonable for them to change the structure of the business to ensure profitability

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