So where are these workers?

Poll after poll shows that they take the time to figure out what they want and demand better from employers.

Nicknamed La Grande Résission, Le Grand Quit or Le Grand Remaniement by various media, it is the era of the worker. The pandemic has been devastating in so many ways that it has forced people to think about how they live their lives.

Is this work worth it? Am I fulfilled? What do I really want? What else is there?

These are the big questions that we sometimes forget to revisit once we enter the workforce. Life takes over with work, family and other obligations. It becomes a hamster wheel.

The pandemic has stopped everything and nothing has returned as before; it probably never will be.

The national labor shortage has launched a number of studies and surveys to understand what is behind it. It’s easy to get lost in the data, but there are common threads running through the results.

In particular, vacancies are not due to demotivated workers or generous unemployment benefits, a story that originates with owners and managers.

Oklahoma’s early termination of enhanced federal unemployment benefits only showed an average 2% increase in returning workers, Oklahoma Policy Institute economists told lawmakers during the Senate Interim Study . It didn’t move the needle.

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