Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Now you understand the basics. The New York Giants continue to publicly support Daniel Jones as their future sub-center – as they should. However, with front office turnover expected this offseason and five picks in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft in April, speculation about the Giants’ departure from Jones will only intensify over the years. next few months – especially if rumors about Russell Wilson’s interest in moving to the Northeast carry no weight.

While the Wilson acquisition would in theory be a home run for the G-Men, New York would have to sell the farm to acquire it. That means saying goodbye to two of the top six picks screened in the 2022 draft – at the very least. The team could, of course, choose to keep those choices and use one of them to select a caller. Although this year’s quarterback class is widely seen as a setback from years past, without any top-notch unanimous prospects in this role.

This brings us to option three; don’t bet the future for Wilson, use the multiple first-round picks to bolster other areas on the list and trade a mid-round pick for a proven product under the center. If the Giants go this route, USA Today’s Doug Rush has named a handful of potential business options, starring three-time Las Vegas Raiders Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr.

“Possible Next Giants QB Options: Trading for Russell Wilson is over, and the next GM doesn’t want Daniel Jones. So other commercial options, using one of the two 3rd rounds in the draft: Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Drew Lock. Why them? They only have one year left on their deals, ”Rush tweeted.

The giants were previously linked to Carr

Carr’s name is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. For starters, before the Giants selected Jones in 2018, many predicted Carr would be Eli Manning’s heir to New York.

“The last one will be Derek Carr and I don’t think he will be close to the draft, I think it will be in the combine,” said Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports insider in October 2018. “And finally to what What good is keeping Derek Carr? And if you’ve got all that draft capital and you get a plus something else for Derek Carr, which I think he can – I’ll call him right now, Derek Carr. to the New York Giants, to the combine.

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Carr made in Sin City?

After a 3-0 start until 2021, the Raiders fizzled out, leaving Carr’s future in Las Vegas somewhat uncertain. According to CBS Sports Radio on December 15, the Raiders have given thought to the idea of ​​replacing Carr for replacement Marcus Mariota, via Steve Tannen.

Carr, 30, will have one more year on his contract after the end of this season. He is expected to earn a base salary of around $ 19.8million in 2022 and the Raiders will be tasked with deciding whether to hand him another over $ 100million contract or let him walk and allow their next one. head coach to choose “her guy”.

The brother of former Giants replacement David Carr, Derek started the last eight seasons for the Raiders. His production during that span has been very impressive, owning the 12th best touchdown / interception ratio (2.30) and 14th best completion percentage (64.9) in league history. However, his game has often failed to tie wins, he has only made one playoff appearance and has a 54-70 record as a starter.

Of course, like Jones’ situation in New York City, it would be wrong to point the finger at only Carr given the hustle and bustle and lackluster talent surrounding her. However, the question for the Giants is whether Carr can take the supporting cast that Jones has failed to raise in recent years and make them competitive? If they believe it, then theoretically, closing a deal should be possible, especially at the price Rush floated at.


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