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Especially when more than 85% of companies will not survive for up to 10 years

We all know that ideas are cheap and expensive to execute. But what could be more expensive? The execution of untested ideas.

– Paul Lee, co-founder and CEO of Flipidea

BSB, BRUNEI, December 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Tackling the high rate of business closures, Flipidea is implementing affordable business intelligence to help early stage startup founders reduce costly mistakes , adopt prudent strategies, compete in innovative ways and strategically raise funds to create companies with a strong competitive advantage.

Show me the numbers: According to Flipidea’s recent study of 8,377 inactive companies worldwide, 89.2% of companies did not survive for 10 years.

– Over a period of 3 years, 37.1% of companies have closed

– In 3 to 5 years, 26.5% of businesses have closed

– In 5 to 7 years, 14.4% of businesses have closed

– Over a period of 7 to 10 years, 11.2% of companies have closed

The 5 main reasons for stopping:

1. Strong competition

2. Bad business model

3. Lack of funds

4. No product-market fit

5. Fundraising failure

Note: A post-mortem analysis was conducted on 1,026 closed businesses with reasons for closure and a total of 127 unique reasons for closure were identified.

Do you have an intuitive business idea? We help reduce the risk of business failure.

Why this is important: Through its research, the company observed that most new businesses had failed to identify their market fit issue before validating their business to achieve product-to-market fit. desired. competitive market.

– His post-mortem analysis showed that strong competition is the main reason for closure, emphasizing the importance of validating the market – learning what not to do and focusing on what is right – to establish competitive differentiation.

– “Companies often fail because founders and investors neglect to look before taking the plunge,” said Paul Lee, co-founder and CEO of Flipidea. “Not all great ideas are business-friendly, because business is just what your target market is willing to buy and what you sell them. “

What Can Be Done: When founders want to build a business with a strong competitive advantage but lack the adequate knowledge and affordable tools, Flipidea aims to help founders analyze and validate the market at minimal cost, so that founders can make data-informed decisions to improve and innovate their business.

– Flipidea’s post-mortem data also showed that most inexperienced founders lack the know-how and affordable tools to effectively validate the market and perform competitor analysis.

– “At its core, commerce is more of a science than an art, because its many structural components and processes are methodical, measurable, experimental and reproducible”, explains Lee.

– “Founders, even investors, must identify avoidable models based on past experiences to avoid retrospective bias. Similar to how experiments are tested for desired results.

Failure is the process of advancement, especially in the quest for innovation, in the fields of entrepreneurship, engineering and science.

– “So it helps to see failure as information or data for innovative problem solving, because it is the essence of empirical learning”, explains Lee.

– “We can unwrap failure as an experiment and learn from it through the scientific method – formulate a hypothesis, test it, measure it, learn from it and reiterate it.”

– This explains why Flipidea’s solutions such as post-mortem analysis, competitive analysis, portfolio analysis, co-investor analysis and idea validation rely on its extensive database failures of companies, history and market data to promote innovation.

Next step: While the seed company continues to build and consolidate its business intelligence functionality, with its data science systems showing potential, it expects to release new functionality on December 29, 2021.

Pitch Deck Analysis (for Founders): Founders can analyze, create and present their fundraising pitch decks to investors, who will be protected and investors must request access to view them.

– Your benefits: Evidence-based assessment and feedback to improve sustainability.

– Problem it solves: confidential and data-based assessment of pitch decks.

– Why it matters: Powered by industry benchmarks, real market data, and proven frameworks for assessing fundraising capacity.

Offer Search (for Investors): Investors can search for offers based on funding stages, and after investor approval, founders can send an email pitching them.

– Your advantages: access various and recommended financing opportunities.

– Problem it solves: Increase the speed and volume of transaction flow from a larger geographic area.

– Why it’s important: Take advantage of smart matching to optimize contract research.

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