Digital infrastructure provider Equinix expands its partnerships with key Kubernetes companies to run their applications on bare metal.

By expanding support for Kubernetes solutions from leading vendors on Equinix Metal, Equinix enables its 10,000+ customers to more easily move applications to the edge and closer to the clouds, users, networks and partners that matter the most for their business.

As the de facto standard for hybrid and multicloud workloads, Kubernetes helps organizations operate and scale their applications on any infrastructure.

“Kubernetes is the go-to deployment substrate for new and scalable applications,” said Mark Coleman, senior director of developer relations at Equinix Metal.

“As Kubernetes initially matured in the public cloud with developer-focused businesses, leaders across industries are increasingly using it to accelerate their path to the edge and leverage complex hybrid and multicloud infrastructures. “

Through this partnership, Equinix expands its Kubernetes ecosystem to help enterprises simplify hybrid multicloud deployments on a global scale.

With fully documented and tested partner solutions from Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Anywhere, Google Cloud’s Anthos, Mirantis Container Cloud, SUSE Rancher and K3s, Canonical Kubernetes, IBM Cloud Satellite, Platform9, Rafay and others now available on Equinix Metal, Global businesses have both the choice and the stability to create an advantage with their digital infrastructure.

As more global businesses embrace hybrid multicloud as the architecture of choice, businesses and cloud-native enterprises are turning to Equinix to deliver interconnected digital infrastructure on demand from an ecosystem of vendors.

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