Covid travel rules, loneliness in care homes and empty shelves were the topics covered by columnists in the newspapers.

Simon Lambert said the summer of 2021 saw the addition of a new level to the game – “Covid test roulette, which it looks like the government is about to simplify today.”

“Unfortunately, any move will be too late for families who paid hundreds of dollars for tests to go on vacation over the summer, but it wasn’t just the financial cost that was the problem, it was all about to figure out what you needed and who you could trust, “he said.” Did you need a PCR or a lateral flow to get out of the country, could you choose the right test, get the result on time, avoid getting ripped off, get the right test to come back, and then did you need a day 2 and a PCR on day 8 and a test on day 5 to release one? ”

He said that despite all the tests in Britain, an NHS test is not enough to allow you to travel.

“A multitude of private companies have entered the breach: some offering very good service and others not; some charging fairly and some charging what appear to be very inflated prices. If it’s a good idea to test people for public health reasons, then you should surely take advantage of your supposedly world-class testing abilities rather than pushing them into an expensive and confusing private system. ”

The Daily Express

The newspaper’s main column said that there are now fears that residents will “die of loneliness” because they are not allowed to see their friends and family.

“Activists delivered a petition to Downing Street yesterday and the call to end solitary confinement must be heard,” he said. “Grandchildren are desperate to see their beloved grandparents, and even the strongest among us could lose the will to live if each day brought the agony of loneliness.

“Visiting is an essential way for family and friends to spot the warning signs of neglect and to make sure a loved one is hydrated and receiving the medications and exercise they need. requires. We need to make sure this is a country where senior citizens are honored and cherished. It is a scandal if we deny them friendship and love.

The Guardian

Felicity Lawrence said that although the pandemic and the EU’s new restrictions on trade and free movement have contributed to shortages on supermarket shelves and businesses cutting production despite demand, the roots of this failure of the “decades-old” market.

“Worse, the labor crisis across the UK – affecting businesses from transport to food, agriculture, retail and construction – is now so deep that better wages alone are not enough for us. will not come out, ”she said.

She said UK businesses cannot compete with overseas businesses, with different rules regarding holidays and working weekends.

“Decades of anti-union legislation have swayed what has always been an unequal relationship between workers and capital in favor of the latter.

“Ignore the social costs of a super-light supply chain and you may find that you have created a system so economically efficient for businesses that it collapses completely. ”