One might detect a certain self-delusion throughout the debate on critical race theory involving our state lawmakers and fellow citizens, on all sides. Laura Atlas Kravitz, government relations specialist for the venerable Texas State Teachers Association, rightly worried about the impact of Bill 3979 on students’ critical thinking skills, but perhaps unwittingly raised the specter. of how some view critical race theory today: “This does not impose a point of view. It is teaching. Facts are facts, and sometimes you can’t help it if the facts ring true. Well, yes, except that the “facts” these days don’t always ring true, such as when taken from views developed by the New York Times 1619 Project team. Times Tory columnist Bret Stephens challenging the project, cleverly described it as “a thesis in search of proof, and not the other way around”, thus earning itself the contempt of its liberal colleagues. Meanwhile, Republican State Representative Steve Toth has emerged as the worst supporter of his own bill when he said during the debate in the House: “Critical race theory is a form of Marxism, often called neo-Marxism. Just as Marx rejected democratic freedoms and the rule of law as a ploy to disguise the selfish interests of capitalism, so the critical race theory rejects our constitutional freedoms and the rule of law as a disguise for selfish interests. selfish people of the so-called white American supremacists. society. “There’s a lot to unwrap in these muddled thoughts, including a widespread plague of white grievances and paranoia. Of course, Toth’s claims are only true if the so-called ‘conservatives’ expand once again. their ever-elastic definition of socialism to include propositions as elusive as racial justice in America. To complicate matters, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this month enacted a separate bill creating the “Project Texas 1836” to “promote patriotic education and raise awareness of the Texas values ​​that continue to fuel unlimited prosperity in this state.” An advisory board will produce an appropriate patriotic pamphlet that will be distributed by the Department of Public Safety to newly arrived residents in our state, putting them on the ideological right foot, presumably calming Texas righties who are wary of the political inclinations of citizens who move in. in our growing field.

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