Orion Packaging Systems, a division of ProMach, introduced the Automatic Rotary Tower Wrapper (RTC) with Transport, a space-saving rotary automatic wrapping machine that integrates with new or existing means of transport.

The RTC is suitable for integration with conveyors with a passage height of 18 inches. It is fully automatic and attaches the stretch film at the start of the cycle, cutting it at the end. The forklift operator simply places the pallet load on the infeed conveyor and pulls a lanyard switch while walking away to collect the next load. This design increases the safety of employees by moving them away from the proximity of the mobile rotary arm.

Other features include:

Standard 20 “Insta-Thread Film Holder with 260% pre-stretch.

Revo-Logic technology with photoelectric sensor cart ensures precise application of programmed packages and maximizes load containment and film yield.

Separate up and down film carriage speed control and adjustable number of packages up and down, customizing the package for each load.

Long-life AC motors and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controllers, offering low maintenance.

Labor-saving film tail clamp with cut-and-wipe that automatically secures film, allowing faster output by reducing packing per load.

Orion packaging systems

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