“I was standing at my desk and I was turned off like a light,” he recalls.

Urban, a production planner at Simplot, had only been at work 15 minutes after the Labor Day holiday last year.

“It would be like I was standing here now and falling on my stomach, there was no warning, I felt good,” he explained.

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Fortunately, instead of closing the door like he usually does. That day he left it ajar. A colleague heard the thud.

“Having the desk standing is another reason I’m still here, if I had been sitting I would have just collapsed and they never would have known,” Urban said.

The main reason Urban is still around is the swift action of Factory Nurse Shauna Weber – who performed CPR – and Grand Forks Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Vonasek, who brought in a defibrillator. automated external.

The deputy was three blocks away and the call hadn’t even been sent yet. The dispatcher was putting into the computer that Urban had gone into cardiac arrest.

“I just saw it pop up and self-dispatch,” Vonasek said.

Urban said medics told him if he had to wait for an ambulance for help, he likely wouldn’t be there to share his story.

“You have seven minutes before death is pretty much imminent,” he said.

The North Dakota Association of Peace Officers on Thursday presented Vonasek and Weber with the Distinguished Rescue Award.

“I’m not doing it for the prizes, I’m doing it because it’s someone else’s life,” Vonasek said. “I want them to see another day and be with their family and friends.”

Deputy Vonasek said the real prize was back alongside Urban. Urban said he was hesitant to come to the ceremony, but decided to do so due to the negative stigma surrounding police officers.

“There’s a silver lining to what they do, I think a lot of people miss that part of the picture,” Urban said.

Shawn is grateful to be alive thanks to his two heroes.

“It’s like when you owe someone money and you want to pay it back, but that’s a case where you can’t,” Urban said. “All you can do is be thankful that they are there.”

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