DIMAPUR, JANUARY 15 (MExN): A rally demanding a separate district from Aboi was held in Aboi on 15 January. A memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister of Nagaland after the rally demanded that the Aboi district’s request be granted by January 23.

In the memo, which was submitted through ADC, Aboi Headquarters, Aboi District Application Committee (ADDC), KU Aboi Unit, KU Chen Unit and the KU Longchang unit expressed the resentment of Aboi residents over the Nagaland government’s decision to turn down the request for a separate ward for Aboi.

“The genesis of the development ideas for the request and upgrade of the Aboi ADC headquarters to the district headquarters which was launched officially in 2008 and was later included in the Cabinet memo of 2011,” he said. he called back. He hopes the current government is “very well aware of our request and does not require further details and references”.

The memo further hoped that the government of Nagaland was also aware that the supreme body, Konyak Union Mon, had made a representation to the state cabinet on July 19, 2021, demanding the creation of a statute of district separating Mon district, and “which had first granted a NOC to the ADDC on July 21, 2008.”

The memo questioned the Nagaland government on what grounds the application was rejected “although it fulfills the criteria for a full district than all other districts that have been declared recently.” He further expressed his shock at the “declaration of three new districts on December 18, 2021 by the Nagaland government, as the whole Konyak people cried and demanded justice regarding the recent Oting massacre incident.”

“The government has added salt to the wounds by declaring other districts amidst our painful period and also by giving up our request,” he said.

The memo informed the Chief Minister that “our demand has always been democratic but has reached its elastic limit and the public has grown impatient with the government’s tone-deaf attitude”. “So to conclude, citizen response/retaliation may be undemocratic and ultimately the government will be held accountable for its consequences,” he warned.

He demanded that the Nagaland government declare Aboi a full-fledged district no later than January 13, “failing which the ADDC will take its own course.”

Earlier, the rally began with a two-minute silence observed to pay tribute to the victims of the Oting massacre. The invocation was delivered by the Aboi Town Baptist Pastor’s Fellowship, followed by Konyak’s hymn.

Manpon Konyak, Organizer, ADCC gave the welcome now and the Chairman of Konyak Mon gave a speech. Brief speeches were also delivered by Chen, Longching and Aboi units of the Konyak Union, Gaon Bura Association, Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong and S Manlip Konyak, former KU President. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mana Konyak, president of the Chen Area Student Union.