It wasn’t long since Toyota officially introduced the third-generation 2022 Tundra pickup truck. New stuff was plentiful, as was public interest in this remastered Chevy / Ford / Ram competitor.

While the full-size pickup has been around since May 1999, the Detroit Three probably didn’t see it as a potentially destructive competitor on too many occasions. But, as far as we’re concerned, it would be wise for the big names of Blue Oval, GM and Stellantis to start thinking more seriously about the i-Force Max fighter.

Of course, the 2022 Tundra just made its public debut at Motor Bella 2021, an outdoor event created by former NAIAS organizers. So it will be some time before the Japanese truck confirms the woes by threatening sales. But here’s the catch. Virtual artists already see it as a hot commodity, and they’ve started to consider even cooler shots on the subject.

Some decided to do something about the allegedly over-the-top styling. Others are more practical and immediately turned the tundra into a real size SUV to unofficially prepare the red carpet for the next Sequoia. Now Oscar Vargas, the pixel master behind the wb.artist20 account on social networks, was directly interested in a possible all-terrain war.

The usual truck suspect, as always, is none other than Ford’s F-150 Raptor. Thus, the virtual artist has digitally enhanced the off-road credentials of the 2022 Tundra pickup, even beyond the TRD Pro. Taking a page from the Blue Oval manual for dune trucks, this Tundra sports a lot of plastic cladding up front, as well as beautiful “TOYOTA” letters on the grille. And it’s a chameleon too, with a few color options for good measure.

All the other defining features of the Raptor are also present, from the molded contours of the fog lights to the beefy vented hood or the impressive wheel arches. Interestingly, it’s probably not necessary to imagine an engine swap. After all, the original i-Force Max twin-turbo hybrid V6 engine is already capable of 437 horsepower, which is almost as much as the proposed 2022 F-150 Raptor.