How to get out on financial problems


Financial problems (money problems, debt problems, etc.) are more common than we think. In Quebec, more than 35,000 people use the services of a Honest Finance each year. Fortunately, solutions exist!

Even if the subject of financial problems remains taboo, there is no reason to deprive yourself of an effective solution like the consumer proposal, or even bankruptcy, to get by. These are solutions regulated by a federal law that aims to protect indebted consumers, but honest , to enable them to make a fresh start, free of debt .

Meeting at no cost with a financial reorganization advisor

Meeting at no cost with a financial reorganization advisor

At this first meeting, the counselor will ask you questions about the nature of your debts, your job and your repayment capacity, your family situation and your budget. No judgment is brought. The goal is to understand you well to tailor a solution. After this first meeting, you will have all the information in hand to make an informed decision .

You have time to think about it


You will never be forced to a solution that does not interest you. After the first meeting, you will have time to think about your options. If you have additional questions, your advisor will be available to answer them. And if you decide to proceed, a second meeting (always free) will be planned.

A solution is put in place

Depending on the chosen solution, during a second meeting with your advisor and a Honest Finance, a solution can be put in place to free you from your debts. At all times, you will be informed of the details and implications of the process.

Follow-up is done


Once a solution to get you out of your financial problems is put in place, our work does not stop there. We will be in continuous communication with you and your creditors to make sure the process goes smoothly. If you were to receive calls from your creditors or documents in the mail, we will be there to dissect the information and guide you. Our job is also to follow up periodically with you to ensure your full financial recovery. You will participate in two consultation sessions where topics related to personal finance, credit and budget management are discussed.