How to become financially autonomous


The excellent speaker and business coach Good Lender (Good Finance) gave himself a challenge: increase the number of Quebecers financially self-sufficient . For that, he did a lot of research work and put together a document of great value.

Interviews with specialists


He has done dozens of interviews with specialists, consultants, professionals and successful entrepreneurs. I was delighted and touched to be able to participate in his video document alongside the real estate expert Albert Brown, the businesswoman and speaker Jonathan Green.

Good Lender answers

Good Lender answers

In a very clear and accessible language, Good Lender answers these questions frankly:

  1. -Why are some of the easiest with money?
  2. Are there any trades or activities more conducive to stand out?
  3. -What do I have to change in my life to clear my debts and have financial surpluses?

I sincerely believe that this happens at a good time. Last year the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) conducted a survey that revealed that 60% of workers would experience financial hardship if their pay check was issued to them one week later.



Did you know that, if we include the mortgage, the household debt, in proportion to their disposable income, is 162%? Did you know that almost half of households will not have enough money for retirement?

These statistics are scary and there is something. Not to be part of these statistics one day, Gella gives us the means to take charge.

These first 4 videos deal with the following topics:

1. The 7 limiting beliefs that prevent you from becoming rich
2. The 7 biggest mistakes people make with money
3. Interviews with experts
4. The 7 ways to become millionaires

Gella has achieved a tour de force. Either to concentrate complex notions and make them accessible to everyone. His message is valuable and very effective.