First payday loan at a normal price

Immediate payday loans online

September 4, 2015 The trend for free payday loans for new customers in the Polish non-banking industry has settled in for good. However, not all loan companies want to attract potential borrowers by offering them an interest rate and a commission of round 0. Where is the first loan still available with normal fees? 

Free online loans are a tasty bite, because they allow you to quickly get access to additional cash without excessive formalities and not incur any fees. However, hardly anyone realizes that if he fails to repay the liability on time, then the lender begins the procedure of recovering his money, and this creates considerable costs. Interest is also charged. As a result, temporary financial problems preventing the timely repayment of the liability make the free payday payday not completely free.

Zengga and PLN 10 fees

Wonga and PLN 10 fees

One of the leading online lending companies has decided to attract new customers with an attractive amount of any fees incurred in connection with the commitment. It amounts to only PLN 10 for each amount from PLN 50 to 750 available to people who use the services of for the first time. We have a maximum of 60 days to pay back.

First payday up to PLN 1,500, but without promotion

First payday up to PLN 1,500, but without promotion offers the most as part of the first payday loan at a normal price, i.e. with interest and commission calculated from the day the liability was launched. A loan company that meets the need to repair the women’s budget only allows new clients to borrow up to PLN 1,500. The payday money must be returned within at least 7 days, but no later than 31 days from the date of signing the contract. For 1500 zlotys taken for 31 days we will pay 402 zlotys, which means that we will give away 1902 zlotys.

New customers will also not receive a free payday payday at PowerCredit. The company is willing to borrow up to PLN 700 for 15 or 30 days the first time. TEXT168 and viloan also add a commission to the first loan. In the case of TEXT168, new customers can apply for a maximum of PLN 600 for 30 days. In turn, viloan offers from 100 to 2000 PLN for 15, 30 or 60 days, however one of the conditions necessary for the successful examination of the application (except for the age of 21) is to have an income of not less than 1000 PLN.